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Rodent Control

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Let 24H Pest Pros Keep Your Unwanted Rodents Out!

Rodents are a house's worst nightmare because they can destroy anything in their path without worrying about the damage they leave behind. These creatures will feed on almost anything and transmit a great deal of disease, and are extremely aggressive when cornered. 24H Pest Pros does not tolerate this type of plague and offers you a variety of rodent control according to your type of home and area where you live, so you can say goodbye to them once and for all.

Rodent Infestation

There is no specific number to tell when you are facing an infestation, but considering that a mouse can have between 8 and 12 offspring per birth, it is very likely that if you see one there are already ten more hidden somewhere. It's not easy to tell where they might be hiding, but it's a good idea to look in the following places:

  • In the attic - it's a dark, uncrowded place full of things that can function as food. Rats can keep their nests in boxes, laundry baskets, and any comfortable place.
  • In the garage. Just like the attic, the garage is almost always full of boxes that haven't been opened for months and could be housing a whole family right now. Mice are especially comfortable in this area because they can get in and out easily.
  • In the basement. You don't have to be a genius to see the similarities, as this is another dark, cold and uncrowded area of the house.
  • In the walls and ceilings. This may come as a surprise, but the mice live quite comfortably in these areas as they can build their nests there and walk from room to room unseen.

There's no specific number, but you don't have to wait for the problem to grow and get out of hand. If you want to have a guaranteed service and rodent control, you can call us at any time to help you with this and any other pest problem you are experiencing.

Rodent Removal Service

Rodent Removal Service There are many ways to get rid of these undesirable residents, but few are effective. It is very common to try to get rid of this plague with traps, but we have to accept that they are only a complication, starting with the famous glue, which does not kill the rat but leaves it suffering and screaming in pain. Wooden traps are not very effective and can’t be considered rodent control because the rats have learned to eat the bait without activating the mechanism that traps them. On the other hand, leaving poisoned food lying around can be a serious problem if you have small children or pets.

The damage a mouse can cause is controllable with proper service, where our professionals do the right job without compromising anything else. Your home doesn't have to be shared by these undesirables, and we want to help you with something more effective than rat poison. We offer you an active and continuous treatment that will keep your house protected for a long time, and that will help you sleep more peacefully.

Rodent Control Services

The most important thing is to maintain control that keeps your home protected. It's not a matter of applying fumigation and leaving the problem behind, but of creating a follow-up to know that everything is in order. Rats feed on raw, cooked, and rotting food, as well as clothing, wood, cardboard, and plastic. What few people know is that rats are also very efficient at gnawing on electrical wiring, so they can create very costly damage to your home. All areas of the country are affected by rats, but we have a special presence in the cities listed below:

  • People
  • Fort Myers
  • Panama City
  • Stuart
  • Deland
  • Rome
  • Mcdonough

If your city is not on the list you don't have to worry, we are all over the country offering rodent control, and you just have to look around. If you've discovered that the reason your electric stove is failing is that a mouse is eating the wires, no problem, we'll take care of the problem from the beginning. Mice are fond of being in many places, and our technicians are specialists in finding them.

Rodent Control Methods

Our main strategy is to find the mousetraps and get rid of the pest and then fumigate the whole house to prevent new mice from entering your home. It is not recommended that you look for unqualified personnel because fumigating is not enough, you have to know where the nests are so that you don't get an unpleasant surprise with the smell of dead rat. Don't let a group of irresponsible people take care of your problem, and look for qualified personnel who know how to offer you rodent control.

The natural rodent exterminator is the cat, but it's not a killing machine so you can't expect it to keep all pests at bay. Although the rats are threatened by the smell of the cats, they will quickly come to know if the cat is a hunter or not. It's not a good idea to have cats to protect you from rats as they could eat a poisoned mouse and suffer greatly. The best thing is to do things right for everyone.

Rodent Repellent

Rodenticides are ineffective and quite expensive, so we recommend that you make the effort and seek professional help since pesticides only keep them away for a short time. Rodent exterminator service is the only one who can give you a real solution, and you should call them when something happens. South American rodents have evolved and are becoming increasingly immune to these types of remedies, so you need to do things right.

There are many rodent species but they can all be kept away similarly, with rodent control. Home inspections are a great way to stay ahead of this and many other problems since the rodent control cost can never be compared to the cost of repairs needed to fix the disasters these animals leave behind.

Commonly Asked Bed Bug Removal Questions
You have Questions, We Have The Answers

What will keep mice and rats away?

Peppermint oil can keep rats and mice away. Consider growing them around the home and using a spray in the house.

Do Electronic rodent repellents really work?

No, electronic rodent repellents are not effective.

How do I get rid of rats in my house fast?

Snap traps are the best option if you want to DIY. However, for big infestations, hire a professional to get rid of the rats in your house.

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