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Many people look at raccoons and see cute cuddly animals. They are commonly seen in memes on social media doing things like washing their food or appearing on wildlife cams. Yes, we agree they can be pretty cute, but they can also be a significant pain in the neck when they find themselves getting into your home, your garage, your shed, or attic. Our raccoon removal service is what you need

When you start noticing the signs of raccoons on your property, you need to make sure that you hire a company like 24H Pest Pros for raccoon removal. As you read through this page, you can learn the following:

  • How you can tell if you need professional raccoon eradication
  • Signs that raccoons are turning into a nuisance

How Do You Know You Need a Raccoon Removal Service?

It isn’t a big deal to see a raccoon here or there. These creatures are local wildlife in many areas of the country, and it is only natural that we would have to share some of our space with them. However, sometimes the raccoons start to cause issues, and that’s when you need raccoon trapping and relocation.

Let’s take a look at this animal: general, a raccoon is about a foot tall, and they can be as much as 38 to 40 inches long. They can weigh up to 25 pounds. This means, of course, that raccoons are often bigger than people think they are, like the same size as a large cat or small dog. You can also quickly notice the black “mask” that the raccoon has, which makes it look like a sneaky bandit. They also have long, ringed tails.

In general, raccoons are not very friendly towards humans, and if they seem to be coming close to you, they may have some type of disease, like rabies, which can be deadly. Since raccoons are shy, and they are also nocturnal, which means they come out at night, you might not even see them face to face. Instead, you might only see evidence that they are around.

For example, a tell-tale sign that you have a raccoon or two around is garbage cans that have been tipped over and rummaged through. You might also notice that there is damage to your property. Additionally, you might see animal tracks around your home, which look like small hands. Raccoons also like to get into attics, so you can hear them creeping around in the ceiling.

If they can get up on the roof, they might cause damage to your chimneys or shingles, and they are very well-known for taking veggies right out of your garden or eating all of the food from your bird feeders. This is when you need an expert raccoon removal service like 24H Pest Pros at your side. Each raccoon exterminator on our team is thoroughly trained and ready to help.

We work with people from all over the country for raccoon removal in all 50 states, so don’t hesitate to call.

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What a Raccoon Exterminator Wants You to Know About Your Property

Raccoons are incredibly adaptable, and they are just at home on a city street as they are on a rural farm. One of the big things that attract raccoons to a particular property is food. They love to have an easy way to get food, and your garbage can, garden, or other source is the perfect place for them to get a meal. Once they know that they have some easy access to a food source, they stick around.

If a raccoon decides to get into your home, such as up into your attic, they are looking for shelter and safety from the elements and wanting to make your home, their own, and this is when a raccoon exterminator becomes a necessity.

Raccoon Removal Cost and More…

One of the things that people are concerned with is the raccoon removal cost that they might face. Don’t worry…our pest professional service is much more affordable than you might think.

If you are ready to get rid of the raccoons on your property, please get in contact with 24H Pest Pros at your convenience. Our pest extermination cost is affordable, and we have several ways to remove other wildlife from your property, too, including:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Moles
  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Bats
  • And more…

Call 24H Pest Pros today for a professional raccoon removal and much more.

Commonly Asked Raccoon Removal Questions
You have Questions, We Have The Answers

How much does it cost to get rid of a raccoon?

Trapping and relocating a single raccoon can cost around $100, and the price rises based on a variety of factors.

What is a natural deterrent for raccoons?

Cayenne pepper is a natural raccoon deterrent and can keep other pests away, too.

What do raccoons hate the most?

Raccoons don’t like light, so a well-lit space can keep them away. Radios and other methods of making loud noises can help.

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