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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 24H Pest Pros?

It is a free service that helps homeowners find experienced and knowledgeable exterminators who offer their service 24 hours. You call them anytime, and they’ll be there to fix your problems right away.

How Does it Work?

  1. Call our 24-hour customer support team. Tell us about your situation and what service you need to be done.
  2. If we can help, we will try to connect you with a local exterminator. If you’d like to continue, one of our agents will then help schedule your service.
  3. Once our 24H Pest Pros arrives, they will diagnose the issue, address your concerns and complete the job.

Is 24H Pest Pros Free?

Yes please, our online 24H Pest Pro service is free.

Can I Trust 24H Pest Pros?

Yes, you can trust 24H Pest Pros as they provide the best services at any time of the day and fix any issue instantly.

Will I Get a Free Estimate?

This will vary depending on the professional. Each of our partners has a different way of conducting business and providing estimates. We recommend that you clarify the process and policies with them before scheduling your service.

What cities do you offer service?

We offer services across all the cities in the US. Our main objective is to reach everyone and fix all your pest control issues.


What are the 3 methods of pest control?

The pest infestation in the house can be annoying and have serious effects on health. Thus, curing it is very important, the top three methods of terminating pests include –

  • Organic pest control: In this method, you can terminate small insects, rats by using sprays, traps, insecticidal soaps, etc.
  • Biological pest control: This method is specially used to control the parasites, pathogens
  • Chemical pest control: There are several chemical products that you can use to control the pests from your house

What is the difference between pest control and exterminator?

The main difference between the pest control and the exterminator is: the pest control service provides you with a long term service to control the pest infestation whereas the exterminators are those people who come to your house and kill the visible pests instantly.

What chemicals do they use for pest control?

The pest cont specialists use several effective chemicals to kill the pests and to control their coming back in the future. The chemicals they use to give your house a pest-free environment include Boric acid, Permethrin, Abamectin, Fipronil, Bifenthrin, Cyfluthrin, etc.

How much does pest control cost monthly?

The cost of the pest control service relies upon the size of the home you are asking for the operation. However, for a medium-sized room, the monthly charge of pest control is around $40 to $45. The cost may vary if the size of the room is large.

What are the 4 types of pesticides?

Before thinking of availing the pest service control, it is important to study the types of pesticides. The four types of pesticides are:

  • Rodenticides: Cleans the rats or mice
  • Bacteriacides: Abolish different kinds of bacteria
  • Insecticides: Helps to control the small and average-sized insects
  • Herbicides: Controls the unwanted plants and weeds

How long do you have to stay out of your house after pest control?

As the pest control service providers use strong substances to kill the pest, you are advised to keep away from your house for a maximum of 3 to 4 hours after the operation to ignore the inhalation of the fumes.

What is the best pest control spray for your home?

The pest control sprays are the easiest medium to terminate the bugs and other insects, some of the best pest control; sprays are:

  • Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray
  • Raid House and garden bug cleaner
  • Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray

Are pest control chemicals harmful?

The properties of the pest control service are toxic for human health, thus, if you inhale the harmful fumes for long, it may leave serious effects on your body. These pesticides are harmful even for pets.

What causes pest infestation?

Pest infestation is the result of several factors such as improper hygiene maintenance, holes in the walls, scattered food particle around the house, plants or shrubs growing around your house or roof, etc

What 3 precautions can you take to help prevent pest infestation?

As they say, taking precaution is better than the remedy. To avoid further pest infestation at your place, you can follow these simple tricks:

  • Block all the small holes and cracks at your house
  • Do not allow the weeds to take shelter around your roof
  • Maintain cleanliness do your dishes immediately after the meal

How much does an exterminator cost?

Different types of infestation need individual treatment. Thus, the cost of the exterminator varies. Nevertheless, as an approximate estimation, you will need to pay around $250 to $400.

How long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of roaches?

The power of the treatment decides that, however, an exterminator may take 3 to 12 days to eliminate every trace of the roaches from your place. You get to notice a visible change in their number after 2 to 3 days of the treatment.

Can exterminator get rid of roaches?

If you tried a lot but failed to terminate the cockroaches at your home, call for the help of the professional exterminators. They use numerous effective methods to kill the roaches and also block their re-coming.

How do I get rid of roaches permanently?

The permanents dissolution of the cockroaches may not be possible. But, if you close all the gaps and cracks, cover the food items; there is less risk of the roach infestation.

If you identify their arrival, immediately seek help from the pest control; services to remove them for the long term.

How do you get rid of a roach infestation fast?

You can avail the home remedies or the professional help to control the roaches. Use effective insecticides, baits and seal all the tiny entrances of the insects. Also, cut their food and water supply.

What chemicals do exterminators use for roaches?

To abolish the cockroaches, few chemicals that are used by the terminators are:

  1. Hydramethylnon
  2. Boric Acid
  3. Indoxacarb
  4. Permethrin

How much does it cost to treat a house for termites?

Approximately the termite treatment costs up to $150 for average room size. The expense may change with the size of the room and type of treatment.

How do I permanently get rid of termites?

Termites can never get extinct from the environment, thus you can never get rid of them completely. But, you can prevent their nesting at your home.

The easiest way to get rid of their roots is by taking the service of the termite control agencies. They not only kill block their presence but also prohibit their coming back for a long period.

What do professionals use to kill termites?

After detecting the existence of the termites, the most common and effective insecticide used by the experts is the boric acid. They spray boric acid to demolish the numbers of the termites.

The acid kills the termites by shutting down their nervous system and dehydrating their bodies.

Can termite damage be fixed?

Termites mainly damage the wooden furniture and the repairing cost is high. Sometimes, there is no choice of repairing; you have to replace the whole affected parts with new wood.

What are termites attracted to?

The termites are attracted to the moist and warm weather. Dampwood and improper drainage system allure the termites to spread their numbers.

Does wd40 kill termites?

It is a kind of fish oil that effectively demolishes the numbers of termites and the application process is also easy.

Does Windex kill termites?

Windex is specially used to scrap the germs. It can even be used to kill the termites. But, it is not a good an option; it cannot put an end to the colony of the termites

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