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How to Identify Ants and Get Help from 24H Pest Pros

Having your home or property infected with any insect is a problem, but if you have an ant infestation, you could have some trouble. Then you need our Ant Control Services. Ant colonies can be extremely devastating, and they not only wreak havoc in the great outdoors, but they can also get indoors. Once they are inside, you will find them invading your cabinets and other areas of your home like a pack of hungry teenagers looking for a snack.

There are certain things you can do to prevent an ant infestation, but even the best-laid plans, when it comes to ants, can quickly go awry. This is Mother Nature’s world, and ants are going to be on your property, no matter what. Once you get ant colonies on or near your property, you need to take action quickly. Here’s some information about how to identify an ant infestation and how you can reach out to us to hire an ant exterminator from 24H Pest Pros to get rid of them once and for all!

As you read through this, you will learn the following:

  • How to identify an ant infestation
  • Why are ants attracted to your home and property?
  • Why you should contact ant control companies like 24H Pest Pros

Identifying an Ant Infestation According to an Ant Exterminator

The first thing you need to know about an ant infestation is that there are different types of ants out there, including fire ants, carpenter ants, and more. Any Ant can be a pest, of course, and they vary in their color and size, depending on the species. All ants, however, have three different body parts, the thorax, abdomen, and the head. They also all have six legs and two antennae, which extend from the head.

It is pretty hard to miss an ant infestation. Typically, you will see hundreds of ants in your yard, your sidewalk, driveway, or even indoors. You might also see ant hills or areas where ants are gathering, such as near the doors or windows of your house or in cracks in the sidewalks. You should also take a look at trees in your yard or under large rocks.

Most ants don’t pose any serious risk to the people in your home, with the exception of those like fire ants, but any ant can destroy your plants and home. Since they eat almost anything, they will treat themselves to everything from your favorite flowers in your landscaping to the crumbs that your kids leave on the kitchen countertop.

This is why calling an ant pest control service like our team can be invaluable to you. We can take a look at your property and find any colony, and then quickly eliminate these pests. We serve every state in the country, including the following locations:

  • Maricopa
  • Oroville
  • Deland
  • Asheville
  • Fort Worth
  • Suffolk
  • Richardson
  • Granbury
  • Kennewick
  • And many more locations, including yours.

Why Do You Have Ants and Do You Need an Ant Pest Control Service?

You may be wondering how you got ants in your home in the first place. There are actually several different reasons why something like this can happen. It might be something as simple as a colony in your neighbor’s yard spreading into yours, or it might be something like you having a specific type of soil in your yard that ants really like.

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There is also the fact that they might be attracted to food left out on the countertops or an opened bag of pet food that has been left in your basement. Calling ant control companies like ours, which are experts in ant control, can help you to determine why the ants are coming in and where they are going. We are also happy to give you advice on how to stop ants from coming back again once we have rid your property of them.

Treat Your Ant Problem Now…Don’t Wait…Contact Ant Control Companies

Ants travel, and when they do, they can travel in groups of hundreds or even thousands of insects. If you see a couple of ants, you might not feel like it’s a big deal, but the truth is, one or two ants are not traveling alone…they have hundreds of little friends that they can call in at any time. Once these ants have settled into your property, they can make your yard look messy, and they can invade your food cabinets, and destroy your plants.

DIY solutions for ant control don’t work well, and these ants are unlikely to leave on their own without prompting. There are some things you can do, though. Make sure to seal any cracks in your home and keep any, and all food products closed uptight. Then, give us a call and schedule an appointment for ant control.

When you hire an ant exterminator from 24H Pest Pros, we will also take a look for signs of other pests including:

  1. Flies
  2. Spiders
  3. Millipedes
  4. Mites
  5. Wasps
  6. Bees
  7. Ticks
  8. Gnats
  9. Earwigs
  10. Weevils
  11. And much more.

Our ant pest control service is well-known for quality, so reach out, today, and say goodbye to your ants, tomorrow.

Commonly Asked Ant Control Questions
You have Questions, We Have The Answers

How do I get rid of Ants permanently?

The first step is to remove the ants completely from your home. Then, you need to seal up all the holes in the house to prevent them from getting back inside.

Does Salt kill ants?

Yes, table salt kills ants and can be boiled with water to create a spray that protects the perimeter of the home.

Does vinegar kill ants?

Yes, a solution of half vinegar and water can be sprayed on the ants to kill them, but this can be tedious work.

How do I stop ants from coming into my house?

The best way to keep ants from getting inside the house is to keep everything clean, remove ant trails, and seal up any cracks you might find.

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