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Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach - How to Identify and Get Rid of Them!

pennsylvania wood cockroach

Do you know what a Pennsylvania wood cockroach is? If not, then you are in for a treat. A Pennsylvania wood roach is one of the most common types of roaches found in the United States.

These roaches are brown and measure about 1 inch long when fully grown.

They have wings that do not reach their body, and they can fly up to 50 feet at one time if they need to escape predators or find a mate.

This article will cover everything there is to know about Pennsylvania wood cockroach, including how to identify them and get rid of them!


Philadelphia's wood cockroach threw itself on the windowsill and attracted sunlight. It's a familiar sound in the United States and Canada.

Sometimes these small impacts start to get small and even larger, although initially, you didn't realize they existed.

Sometimes to your delight, you can see that horde of flyfish is trying to sneak their way into your window.

And certainly not for homeowners in wooded areas, for which this attack can be serious business. And not for Philadelphia wood cockroaches, where it's a serious offense. The roach can be a severe danger to your home.


adult pennsylvania wood cockroach

Pennsylvania wood cockroach looks much like other cockroaches. Catch one, and you're sure to see flat legs, long antennae, and six spiny legs.

Males are taller - they are around an inch long by some measure, with fully developed wings.

Females are somewhat smaller and have shorter less-developed wings. The female's narrow wing means she's flightless, leaving the airborne acrobatics to males.

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches may be found in hollow trees, tree stumps, and under woodpiles.  The color of Pennsylvania wood cockroaches is a dark brown chestnut brown.

Male Pennsylvania wood cockroaches reach a length of 7/8 to 1-1/8 inches as adults.

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches consume various foods and decaying organic matter, though sweet and starchy items are their favorites.


Roaches Eggs

Pennsylvania wood cockroach populations are found at different stages of lifecycle formation. Female egg-laying is prolific and can produce more than 1000 eggs annually.

The normal nymphal stage usually lasts for up to 12 months, and life for Pennsylvania wood cockroaches is short. They'll hide in the cracks between the tree's outer layers and consume any decaying organic matter that accumulates there.

The insect mate between late spring and early summer. Their eggs hatch in summer, and they reach adulthood the following spring.

The adults you've grown to recognize include juveniles (known as the oothecae), young, immature roaches (called nymphs), and adult roaches are known as.

The life expectancy of the insect is quite short - it will last about several months.


The male Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are an abundant widely distributed insect whose range stretches from the east coast to the Midwest.

It is found in Alabama the District of Columbia Florida Georgia Virginia, Illinois Indiana, Iowa Kansas Texas Missouri, Louisiana Massachusetts Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New Jersey, and Tennessee.

In urban parks and in dense woodland it lives and takes on decayed plant material like rotten bark and hollow trees.


Females deposit and cement their egg capsules under the loose bark of dead trees, stumps, fallen logs, and in other protected places.

They'll produce an average of about 30 egg capsules, each containing around 32 eggs.

Development time (from egg to adult) is quite long, ranging from anywhere between 280 to 766 days. In Ohio, egg capsules are produced during the summer.

Are they dangerous?

The Pennsylvania wood cockroach is a nuisance that can more often occur during the season than it is a threat.

They thrive on decaying plants - not debris, rotten, and bacteria that they get from roaches like the German or the American cockroach does.

They don't threaten your wood frames siding or furniture like the termites do. Pennsylvania wood roaches behave much like house hosts. Who arrived without invitation.

We don't know how to go. And don't even mind if you don't say that they are coming into your home American or German cockroaches like to feed only on decayed wood rather than rotting.

How do I get rid of them?

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are actually beneficial insects. It smashed dead and decaying plants and turned them into fertilizer.

Cockroaches can also eat other animals. If your children are ruining our summers or causing panic attacks your kids can get rid of some of the more aggressively.

There are many simple preventative steps that can reduce the nuisance they pose such as catching and releasing them out into the woods instead of killing them in a regulated manner by cleaning up dead plants and killing them.

Where are Pennsylvania wood cockroaches found?

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches spawn under hollow trees, under stumps, and under woodpiles.

They are attracted to lights outside and may find their way into your homes through spaces hidden behind and around windows and doors.

They can also be forced indoors accidentally onto firewood often used to bring out fire.

How do I prevent a future infestation?

The Pennsylvania wood cockroaches can be easily prevented than some of the more dangerous roaches which do. You can usually keep roaches from your property without any special precautions.

Professional Pennsylvania wood cockroach control

24h Pest Pros offer effective services for tackling pests eliminating roaches. We're here to answer all of your questions to help you rid your property of wood cockroach species.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pennsylvania wood cockroaches bad?

Wood roaches are not toxic, If they are in your home they don't infest their nests and don't damage your furniture.

Wood roaches aren't very disease-prone though for they don't eat soot or food.

How can you tell a cockroach from a wood roach?

Woods roaches are similar in appearance in shape to the American roach which is flat oval with long antennas and spiny legs, chestnut brown color.

They can be around 4 inches to 8 inches wider than the American Cockroach and 1 inch taller compared to most other species.

The adults particularly the males appear tan because of the color of their wings.

Do Pennsylvania wood roaches bite?

The wood roach is one of Pennsylvania's most common insects. However, this particular kind of cockroach does not necessarily pose a serious safety threat.

The animals are mostly a nuisance for human beings and are known for carrying no pathogens. They do too have no bites or sting.

What attracts wood roaches?

Wood roaches eat almost everything that has escaped them but is attracted to decaying objects, moisture, or unsanitary conditions.

Your home could become attractive to Wood Roaches if the right conditions exist on the property.

What do Pennsylvania wood cockroaches eat?

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches live on a diverse diet and decayed organic matter. Often they love sweet and starchy foods.

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