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How to Get Rid of Mayflies (Complete Guide) - 2022

how to get rid of mayflies

Mayflies are harmless as they don't eat or sting human beings and can occur quickly but if they appear with a plague-like force they may erupt without causing many injuries.

Mayflies are pesky pests that invade many homes every year. They can be difficult to get rid of because they reproduce quickly, and in large quantities.

There are many ways you can get rid of these bugs, but how do you know which one will work best?

This article will discuss how to properly identify mayflies, how to get rid of mayflies so your house is bug-free!

What is a mayfly?

what is mayflyMayflies are small flies with long curved bodies and wing-set. They look very much the same as larger versions of dragonflies or damselflies. They are also called shad flies or lake flies.

Mayflies also have a double ‘tail’ extending from their body and also aquatic insects.

They are about 5'2 inches long with two antennae indicating that they're neither mosquitoes nor snakes.

There are thousands of species of mayflies worldwide and there are currently more than 400 genera in 42 families. The body is typically black, yellow, or other shades of dull colors.

Wings are always transparent, although they may have darker layers. Generally, this is a member class of The Ephemeroptera order.

What does a mayfly look like?

Mayflies become another aquatic species that float quickly when they are swimming. Its length is about 1" and its wings are large.

They can have two or three tails in place of their body when traveling. Mayflies often find Mayflies in black or stripes.

They have large wings and 6 legs and dark colors with tiny antennas.

The anatomy of the mayflies for birds is fairly standardized. They are between 1' and 1" long.

They were seen with dark colorations with small antennal holes and black with stripes along with their wings.

The life cycle of a mayfly?

Mayfly passes four phases. They are laid and begin at the egg stage. Egg colors and sizes will vary depending on the species. Between 80,000 and 100 million eggs are produced.

Mayflies are seen from the same animal in the same color or in different breeds.


Adult female mayflies lay eggs in the ground and then sink into the mud to settle onto the bottom soil.

Immature insects (also known as nymphs) hatch from eggshells and settle at the bottom of the pond.

They are highly sticky and range from the circle, round to sphere. After egg production, the eggs are laid within 24 hours.

This depends on the climate temperature the time the egg stays incubated or on other factors.

There will also be periods during which eggs would stop growing fully known as diapause.

This prevents hostile conditions for immature mayflies (nymphs) from developing in each egg. It gives mayflies an opportunity to populate and grow rapidly.

Aquatic mayfly nymph (unwinged)

After their birth, the nymphs continue their evolution for at least 24 months. The Molt phase can have many molts during this phase.

Mayflies begin their life cycle as aquatic insects and only fly when they reach adulthood.

A nymph molts 50 times and at this stage, the skin is split. Here is the Subimago version (also known as the dun) and finally the wings emerge.

In addition, they will continue their limbs and tails and grow shorter during a certain phase in their cycle. Mayflies have come second to last.

Adult mayflies (winged)

A female adult mayfly only has wings for a very short duration. Then the molting can take part after the mature adult mayfly has successfully mastered.

During the mating period, Male and female mayflies will mature and the female egg will be deposited, also known as the oviposition.

This period lasts only for several hours and the person can quickly die after the age of ten. When in rest, these aquatic insects hold their wings together in front of them.

In a sperm pool, the female sex must remain firmly anchored until they mutilated. They are the only species known to molt after wings have deviated.

Egg deposit

She flies and mayflies deposit a number of eggs in water channels. Some will fly near the water's surface dragging her abdomen into the water.

They can also put up objects from the water or even deposit them on the underside to help with water movement.

After egg collection, the female will die shortly. Mayflies only stay for just a few days in adulthood.

Mayflies Lifespan

Mayflies have short lifespans but are interesting species to study. Some plants only live a handful of hours while some may live a few days.

Mayflies can live for a few hours, while some may stay up to one day after adulthood.

Females die soon after laying their eggs and mating occurs during the same period of time.

Members of this order are usually found in large numbers that fly around bodies of water such as lakes or ponds. They also tend to appear under lights at night during the summer.

What do mayflies eat?

These aquatic species can scavenge tiny plants or algae sifted onto pieces of stones or wood that would be discarded with water.

Adult mayflies will also feed on various vegetables and continue to take algae diets above water.

But despite their vestigial mouths, it is unlikely that they will eat. They can dig to the bottom of the ocean and search out the algae found in other layers.

Even as adults they may be found with a pair of wings. Mayflies also consume different types of algae in the water in the wild and they eat floating algae in water in the middle of the water.

Note mayflies will go underwater even if they are wings.

How long do mayflies live?

During their aquatic life as a nymph, they have vestigial mouthpieces, which does not actually have a full mouth.

The two of them hardly have a mouth as it is and rather contain remnants of what their mouth originally consisted of.

After they mature, they grow wings and leave the water they usually live in for 24 hours.

It is extremely hard for their food system as they can't sustain themselves as an adult. Because of their limited mouth, the adults are extremely short.

Do mayflies bite?

Mayflies are vestigial mouths with no part that pierces or hurts your skin. Unlike mosquitoes and chiggers, this flying spider is incredibly harmless to humans.

It's impossible for them to ever take off human skin so you do not have any worries about getting bitten by Mayfly.

Most Mayflies really have no stomachs. The birds have no ability to bite or sting humans or animals or humans even humans.

Are mayflies actually flies?

Mayflies have been described as aquatic pests. They live in water. They are frequently traded in the US as pets among enthusiasts Hobby and Hobbyists.

Fish, turtles, and other pets eat mayflies as their feed source. People grow mayfly nests in the home of their pets.

The species is so easy to breed and readily available that people grow the plants on their farms so that they feed their animals.

Mayfly infestations will be an issue for those with ponds fish tanks and swimming pools.

Where are mayflies found in the US?

large mayfly swarmsMayflies are found in all countries around the US and around the world. They are not specific to a state but widely distributed in North America.

These animals prefer generally cleaner waters and flowing streams in warm climates. Some states have more mayfly issues than others, such as New York and Florida.

If you live in one of these states the mayflies are so widespread that it isn't much you can do to keep them at bay since they are native to the area.

Are mayflies dangerous?

The most severe and serious risk from mayflies happens during breeding and can create large swarms.

Mayflies pose the greatest risk to drivers during their mating season when they produce large mayfly swarms.

If you have seen several thousand and thousands of flies landing on the surface of your business this is a swarm of mayflies.

If these creatures form a swarm near their location and land on whatever they want to be. That's when you take risks.

If you're in an area where the Mayflies just go crazy around your house without warning, they're likely to just be flying around in large numbers around your house, which is not really surprising.

Indeed, some anglers have been known to bait their nets with false mayfly larvae and adults to capture trout.

How do I prevent mayflies?

Mayflies are good for the overall environment and bring prosperity and good fish life. You can turn off lights in the exterior area since such bright white light quickly attracts mayflies and other insects.

If you are driving for miles with lots upon millions of mayflies on the way you can operate at a steady speed but don't brake too often.

Because after applying the brake the light will start to appear at the brake point and attract mayflies to the vehicle wh.

You may prefer a suitable leaf blaster designed for immediate remedy. It can use this product and get rid of mayflies as quickly as possible.

If the mayfly or fishfly infestation is substantial, you may wish to contact a pest control professional.

How do I get rid of mayflies naturally?

Adult mayflies need a suitable companion almost immediately after their conception.

Mayflies have numerous natural predators and consume them at their location without hesitation.

Common garlic has a strong scent and has been shown through anecdotal evidence to be useful in naturally repelling mayflies.

Remove any standing water, and if you have white exterior lights, change the bulbs to yellow as it attract mayflies.

You may be able to get rid of mayflies simply by sweeping them down or maybe spraying in the garden hose often achieving exactly the right result

How To Get Rid Of Mayflies In Your Home?

Mayflies can be a real nuisance, especially if you have them in your home. They are attracted to light and often massive swarms around windows and doorways.

To avoid attracting mayflies at night, you may want to reduce the amount of light coming from your windows.

The best way to get rid of mayflies is to vacuum them up, but if that isn't possible then you should try to squash them or spray insecticide in your home.

Whatever the method, the goal is to kill as many mayflies as possible before they breed!

How To Get Rid Of Mayflies In My Yard?

There are many ways to get rid of mayflies, but the most effective is by vacuuming them up. If you can't do that, then try squashing them or spraying insecticide in your home.

The goal is to kill as many mayflies as possible before they breed!

Mayfly infestations can be treated with chemical pesticides such as malathion or permethrin make sure you the solution in a spray bottle.

These can be sprayed outside your house to get rid of the adult mayflies.

If you have a large infestation inside, then it's best to call an insect pest control company that can do this for you.

Mayfly infestations usually happen during the spring and summer months, however, they can occur at any time of year depending on how warm the weather is.

If you're experiencing an infestation outside it's probably too late in the season to treat them with insecticides because other flying insects will carry the pesticide off.

Does Citronella Repel Mayflies?

There is no evidence that citronella repels mayflies. While it may work for some other types of insects, there is no proof that it works for mayflies.

If you're looking to get rid of mayflies, then insecticides are your best bet.

However, if you're looking to prevent them from coming into your yard, then you can try closing your windows and doors at night when the adult mayflies are most active.


Mayflies are a nuisance that can be difficult to kill mayflies. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do so!

The best way is by vacuuming them up, but if this isn't possible then you should try squashing or spraying insecticide in your home.

Whatever the method may be, the goal is always to kill as many mayflies before they breed and cause problems.

If you're experiencing a mayfly swarm infestation outside it's probably too late in the season to use insecticides because other flying insects will carry pesticides off with them.

Don't forget to contact our professional pest control services if you're having trouble getting rid of mayflies. We can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep mayflies away?

You can make numerous measures around your house that are designed to protect you against Mayflies but reducing this to the months when they hatch is the best way to control them by keeping all the exterior lights shut off and blocking light inside.

What spray kills mayflies?

Mayfly swarms are usually brief lives and only last between 2-4 weeks in most areas of the country. But the year went very poorly.

To keep them from the house, spray every siding with MAXXTHOR EC. It is necessary for these treatments to kill insects and repel them and treatments should last up to 14 days.

Why do I have so many mayflies?

Mayflies are seen as signs of healthy water habitats because are extremely sensitive to pollution. Males laid an egg under the surface or on the water - preferring clean fresh water.

Once eggs hatch this nymph lives at the bottom of the sea feeding on organic material.

How long do mayflies stay around?

Mayflies are extremely fragile and their lifespan can last quite a little longer. During the larval stage, the women usually live more than 5 minutes while the male can last over two days.

But not every minute they spend that brief amount of time mating and reproducing.

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