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Do Squirrels Eat Oranges? Fruits They Don't Eat

do squirrels eat oranges

You may be asking do squirrels eat oranges? Every homeowner has probably asked themselves this question at one time or another.

Well, surprisingly, they do! You might not have thought about it before but squirrels do indeed love to eat oranges.

What other things do they like to eat? Let's take a look at some of the most common foods that squirrels enjoy eating.

Do Squirrels Eat Oranges?


In the summer, squirrels generally eat citrus fruits, vegetables, tree bark, nuts, and seeds. Fruits that they enjoy include apples, bananas, strawberries, and of course oranges.

They will also eat just about any type of nut including acorns, peanuts, and walnuts.

In terms of vegetables, they enjoy eating things like broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Basically, if it's edible, a squirrel will probably try to eat it.

Are Oranges Safe For Squirrels?


Yes, squirrels love eating oranges! In fact, these fruits are a natural part of their diet in the wild.

Many vets around the world agree that feeding oranges to squirrels as an occasional treat is perfectly safe.

Do not feed them oranges to eat if you have rescued a baby squirrel, as they have not yet learned how to eat solid foods by nibbling.

There's no need to worry about oranges hurting squirrels - they're actually harmless to them. Avoid feeding squirrels sour oranges to eat, as this may make them feel ill.

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Can Baby Squirrels Eat Oranges?

baby squirrels

You should not feed the oranges after finding the baby squirrel. Babies can no longer consume solid dietary items before six weeks old.

They need food for rodents. You may also eat spinach, kale, broccoli, apples, hazelnut, and sweet potato.

Can Squirrels Eat Orange Peels?

orange peels

Since humans don't eat the peel of fruits, neither should squirrel be fed fruit peels.

If you take notice next time you see a squirrel in a fruit tree, chances are the animal will leave the peel untouched.

Squirrels, like humans, would rather eat the sweet flesh of the orange without the peel.

Can Squirrels Eat The Orange Seeds?

Orange seeds contain cyanide compounds that can be poisonous to small mammals if eaten in large amounts.

In addition, they are unpalatable when chewed and most squirrels will avoid them.

Squirrels should not be fed the seeds, as they do not offer them any health benefits.

Can squirrels eat carrots?


Okay, squirrels will eat carrots too. Juicy, crisp carrots may be the favorite snack of squirrels. Aside from carrots, they have good nutrients.

These foods are a vital nutritional source for squirrels. When the squirrels get too hungry it may be possible to bait them by adding nuts to vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Do Squirrels Eat Acorns?


Acorns are a primary food source for squirrels in the wild. They are packed with nutrients and calories that help these animals survive the winter months.

While acorns are not poisonous to squirrels, they should only be eaten in moderation. Eating too many acorns can lead to gastrointestinal problems for these animals.

Do Squirrels Eat Peanuts?


Peanuts are another type of food that squirrels enjoy eating. In the wild, these animals will often store peanuts in their cheeks and take them back to their nests to eat later.

Like other nuts, peanuts are high in calories and fat which makes them a good food for squirrels to eat.

Do Squirrels Eat Insects?

Squirrels are actually omnivores, which means they may consume plants and meat in addition to nuts.

Squirrels consume a wide range of foods, including fungi, seeds, nuts, fruits, eggs, little insects, caterpillars, small animals, and even young snakes.

Do Squirrels Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein and fat for squirrels. These animals will often eat the seeds from pumpkins that have been carved for Halloween.

If you have a pumpkin that you're not using, consider putting the seeds out for the squirrels. They'll be sure to appreciate it!

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Seed?

Squirrels will eat just about anything, including peanut butter. If you have a bird feeder, chances are the squirrels have been sneaking some of the bird seed.

Squirrels are attracted to the high fat and protein content of both of these foods.

While there's no need to worry about feeding squirrels these foods occasionally, you should avoid doing so on a regular basis.

Both peanut butter and bird seed are high in calories and fat, which can lead to obesity in squirrels.

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Do Squirrels Eat Nyjer Seed?

nyjer seed

Nyjer seed is a type of bird seed that is often used in finch feeders. This seed is small and black, and it has a high oil content.

Squirrels are attracted to the high fat and protein content of nyjer seed, and they will often eat it if they can get to it. It seems

Do Squirrels Eat Apples?

Apples are a favorite food of squirrels, and they will often eat them right off the tree.

If you have an apple tree in your backyard, chances are the squirrels have been snacking on the apples. In fact, this little critter can eat anything like tangerine.

Apples are a good source of vitamins and minerals for squirrels, and they contain fiber which helps these animals stay healthy.

Can Squirrels Eat Clementines?

Yes, squirrels can eat clementines. Clementines are a small, sweet citrus fruit that is closely related to mandarin oranges.

Clementines aren't only a tasty treat for squirrels, but they're also packed with nutrients these small mammals need.

Can squirrels drink orange juice?

No, squirrels can not drink orange juice. Fresh and unfrozen water is all they require to be hydrated.

Make sure their feeders are always filled with fresh water throughout the day.

Will orange peels keep squirrels away?

Yes, orange peels do help to keep squirrels away. The strong smell of the citrus oil in the peel is a natural deterrent for squirrels.

You can use orange peels in your garden or around your home to keep squirrels from getting too close.

How To Keep Your Orange Trees Safe in Your Yard?

You can keep your orange trees safe from squirrels by using a few simple methods. One way is to wrap the trunks of the trees with chicken wire.

This will prevent them from being able to climb up and get to the fruit.

Another method is to use bird netting around the perimeter of the tree. This will also keep them from being able to get to the oranges.

One last method is to use a squirrel-proof feeder. This type of feeder has a metal cage around it that the squirrels can not get through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What animal eats oranges at night?

Raccoons have dexterous back foot and forward feet that allow them to climb trees, move into obstacles, and even cross them.

It's possible to peel an orange as any human would. If you see orange leaves on a tree at dawn it is likely that the raccoon is eating them at night.

Can a squirrel carry an orange?

It looks like a squirrel carrying oranges in her mouth and looks pretty cute too. Red bearded Woodpeckers eat oranges as well, but I'm not completely sure if they eat fruit.

Do squirrels eat lemons?

Squirrels can eat and kill any fruits, even citrus, and sweet potatoes. Because squirrels learn very easily, the best way to avoid it is often to change their methods.


In conclusion, yes squirrels eat oranges and other fruits as well. So if you have a squirrel in your yard, don't be surprised if you find an empty orange peel or two lying around.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your fruit trees and bird feeders so the squirrels don't get too much of a good thing.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was informative and helped answer your question.

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