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Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs and their Eggs?

Diatomaceous Earth

Bed bugs are dangerous; they feed on your blood. Due to their bloodsucking nature, you can meet with severe skin infections and other diseases. The worst happens when you have children or pets in your house. The evil creature spares none from their race. Killing a bed bug is possible, but, when your home has a massive number of bed bugs, the problem occurs.
Most of you have heard about the diatomaceous earth. Now, the question is, does diatomaceous earth work on bed bugs? In this post, you will get the necessary information about the earth and whether they can kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

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What do you Mean by Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is an impressive user-friendly bed bug powder or medium that keeps away the bed bugs from your home. It eliminates the bugs in a non-toxic style, whereas, insecticides and pesticides that you generally use to kill insects can leave their severe ill effects in the ambiance of your house. Thus, this bed bug powder works as a great replacement for that. The medium puts a barrier before the bed bugs to move freely in your house or apartment and their crawling throughout the wall. It not only makes your home undoubtedly bug free but also maintains the environment.

Not only bugs, but it also cures the eggs of the bugs. When you spread the earth, their sharp razor-like elements cut the outer membranes of the eggshells and prevent the birth. Moreover, if you take the help of heat treatment along with the diatomaceous earth, it will serve you with excellent results.

How Does it Work?

The main component in the diatomaceous earth insect killer is the silica. The powder is designed with tiny particles of it. Those scraps may feel smooth to us, but, not for the bed bugs. For those tiny creatures, it appears like the sharp scrapers. The moment the dangerous tiny creatures step into the earth, their abdomen portion of the body gets cut with the edges.

As a result, the bed bug's body becomes dehydrated leading to death. The process of killing the bed bugs with this machine is slow, but it gives you the guaranteed result of killing those cruel insects.

Why Should you Choose the Diatomaceous Earth over Other Natural Pesticides?

The diatomaceous earth has no harmful compounds. Besides, it works efficiently serving the best it can. Take a look at the basic reasons why the diatomaceous earth is better than its competitive process of killing the bed bugs-

  • Natural components
    As you read earlier, silica is the primary substance of the powder. The insecticide is built with a fossilized sea creature named diatoms which has silicon dioxide in its body. Hence, it has no harmful chemicals and very much safe to handle.
  • The way of killing is safe
    In most cases, the processes of curing your home of pests have at least minor side effects. If you have kids in your home, the slightest side effect can take greater shape. But, the diatomaceous earth killing powder kills the insect safely by removing the shells from their body. Thus, you can bring the medium to get rid of the bug infestation keeping your home chemical-free.
  • It has non-resistance formula
    Sometimes, the bed bugs can resist their body from the pesticides, but, with the diatomaceous bug killer, there is no possibility. As the primary task of the powder is to kill it from the abdomen part, they are non-resistant to the bug killer. Thus, you can get an assured result of the killing process.
  • Prevent the bugs from coming back
    The single downside of the crawling insect killer is that it cannot show you immediate results. It takes at least 7 days to 17 days to kills the bed bugs properly. Yet, once they show their result, it stays for the utmost time.
  • Heat treatment increases its performance
    No doubt the diatomaceous earth shows amazing results alone. But, if you use heat treatment with it, the performance becomes supremely high. Make sure that the area where you will put the earth is heat resistant. After that, place the earth to your preferred locations and wait to see the mind-blowing result.

Things to Keep in Mind before Using the Diatomaceous Earth

Though it is not chemical prone, but should always give safety your first preference. The tiny granules or particles of the earth may seem smooth to our skin. But, they are not competent for your lungs. If anyhow a small molecule of the earth enters your lung while inhaling, the result may not be good.

For your safety, make sure to cover your nose and mouth with a dust mask while you are utilizing the diatomaceous earth. There is another thing that you should check out well before purchasing the earth. Two types of diatomaceous earth are available in the market- one is the pesticide grade and the other one is the pool grade. The pool grade earth has insecticides mixed with it. Thus, always go for the pool grade.

Is the Diatomaceous Earth Worthy?

The best part of using diatomaceous earth is that this earth does not come with an expiry date. Since it has no artificial chemicals and only made with mineral, it does not get worn out. But, due to the excessive moisture, over a certain period, the earth may lose its effectiveness. Moreover, this natural bug repellent coast fewer cents than other chemical products. The method of using it is also simple. Just mix it with warm water and pour it into a spray bottle, then spray it around your required locations.

If you have a garden in your home, or your home is big with several corners, you may not use the earth perfectly. But, your worries are no more as the 24H Pest Pros is one call away. The 24H Pest Pros works in a customized schedule which means you can avail of the service according to your favorable day. Additionally, using this medium to kill bed bugs, their eggs, and any other pests can only be handled by experts. Don’t hesitate to call us to help you keep your home or business safe.

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