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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment: Benefits & Why It's So Important

bed bugs heat treatment

Do you have a bed bug infestation at your home? Well, it may not seem like a surprise since it’s the most common infestation in the US. However, knowing you have one is already tricky enough and requires a great deal of observation.

This is because of their size and hiding behavior in the tiniest, darkest, and hard-to-reach crevices of your home.

On the other hand, treating the problem is more complex without suitable methods and equipment.

Bed bugs heat treatments are a way of killing bed bugs by using extreme temperatures to get rid of bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

This article will outline the benefits of bed bugs heat treatments, how it works, and what you should know before having one done in your home or business.

What Is Heat Treatment?

Bed bug heat treatments require a certain degree of heat on bed bugs that is lethal to them. Most professional pest control specialists employ special equipment to perform these procedures in homes.

These work to slowly raise the temperature of the room to an estimate of over 130°F. This is done via fans to circulate hot air.

Meanwhile, the exterminators set thermometers to monitor the temperature in the home, turning your room into a convection oven.

As a result, bed bugs and their eggs die within a few hours at a temperature above 110°F. However, the length of the treatment depends on the intensity of the bed bug infestation at home.

Benefits Of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs Hate The Heat

The bed bugs in your home immediately die when exposed to a temperature range of 110 to 120°F for a long time.

Furthermore, heat treatment has a widespread effect on getting rid of bed bug infestations. This is because the heat spans the whole area and reaches the smallest and hard-to-reach spots and furniture.

With the heat treatment, no matter where the bed bugs are hiding, they can’t run from their impending doom.

In contrast, some bed bugs are invulnerable to pesticides, so the heat will effectively knock them out.

Quick And Noticeable Results

Bed bugs adapt to their environment and develop a coating to protect themselves from harm like chemicals (pesticides).

Therefore, heat is adequate to kill all variants of bed bugs at different stages of life. In as little as 90 minutes, you can be sure that you can return to a bug-free home.

Effective In One Go

Professionals can do the bed bug heat treatment in a single day, with just one visit to your home. This is a quick and effective method of getting rid of bed bugs in your home.

Furthermore, it saves you from being subjected to arduous trial and error with various procedures for weeks. For example, the alternative to heat treatment is chemical treatment, which takes multiple visits to eradicate the problem.


It could be embarrassing enough that you have a bed bug problem in your house, but letting the neighbors know you have one is a whole other ordeal.

Fortunately, bed bug heat treatment only requires a generator that you can use as an excuse to dry paint or steam carpets.

On the other hand, chemical treatments leave a lasting smell and residue in your home. However, you can be assured that the heat treatment does not leave any scent that the surrounding people can take a sniff of when passing by.

Things To Consider When Doing Heat Treatment

Preparing Your Home

Since your home will be subjected to a high temperature, you and your pets must vacate before the heat treatment is underway.

Moreover, you should remove heat-sensitive items such as candles, plants, instruments, aerosol cans, and beverage cans from the house.

When in doubt, you can always ask the pest control workers about unsafe items to keep indoors, and they will inform you a day or two before the treatment.

Prevention Strategies

Since the heat leaves no residual effects, you still have to put in the work to prevent these creepy crawlers from returning.

By ridding your home of clutter and cleaning your sheets and surroundings regularly, you can avoid the worst from happening again.

Furthermore, you can also have your home inspected once in a while, especially with previously infested rooms, for the pest control experts to assess the situation.

Different Forms Of DIY Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

form of heat treatment for bed bugsUsually, the choice is between a chemical or bed bugs heat treatment, although the latter is popular for those who prefer a safer, healthier, and chemical-free method.

Since bed bugs die when exposed to a temperature above 110 to 120° F, here are the different forms of heat that can kill them.


Like spraying insecticides and other chemicals, you need heat to contact the pests using a steamer directly. By letting the heat roll over the surfaces where you suspect bed bugs, you can potentially kill them.

Furthermore, steamers are multi-purpose for DIY home projects such as drawing off wallpaper, removing wrinkles from clothes or bedding, etc.

Heat Chambers

Heat chambers allow the heat to be concentrated in an area to kill bed bugs effectively. These are generally used for personal belongings, as bed bugs can hide anywhere they want to.

You could also resort to a natural heat source, the sun, by placing the items you wish to decontaminate in the chamber and putting them under the sun on a hot day of 95 °F or more.

Although doing it yourself seems like a cost-efficient way to get around this, the results may be disappointing if not done correctly.

Most DIY methods are limited to specific materials. Therefore, the better and quicker option is to trust the professionals to do their job and eliminate the infestation in the whole room.

Is No-Prep better than heat treatments?

No Prepare uses chemicals and non-chemicals to try and rid your home of bed bug infestation.

The use of chemicals is not very swift but is considered the best strategy when implemented on its own. Essential oils and ultrasonic electronic units don't work.

Many cleaning services are offered by bed bug cleaning, which in the end can become a form of pest control. Some services make you more valuable for preparing your house to treat bed bugs if you must do the prep alone.

If the room is cold, the warmer it is. It's a quick treatment. This can't be as simple as opening the winter window.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

The first step is to vacuum every surface of the room everything, i.e., the baseboards, the furniture, the mattresses, boxes springs. Use small wands to get inside every corner of the room. Do not squiet your bags before vacuuming them out of the bag.

You risk spreading some of the bugs. If using a store vacuum or a bagless vacuum, dump it into a bag, tie it up, and throw it away.

Then apply contact spray insecticide to the filter and the inside canister. It's easy to clean rolled-up wall surfaces like wardrobes and dressers.

How do I prepare for heat treatment?

North Carolina State University recommended the following actions before any treatment. If there are bed bugs in the house, make an appointment to see 24H Pest Pros.

Techs at 24H Pest Pros can find the best solution for your home. Psocids rarely grow to more than three 161 in. long, making it difficult to spot them outdoors.

These types of psocids represent 1% of their sizes (sizes range from 0.03 inches and 0.6 inches or 1/25" – 3/16”). Keep reading to learn more about scale bugs' distinct.

How much does bed bug treatment cost?

Do bed bug treatments cost a bit? The price of treatment varies according to the type of heat used and the size of the infestation. Be sure to do the research when it comes to local pest control companies.

The Best Solution For Bed Bugs

There are many methods you can research online and use for bed bug treatment, though you may have doubts and unsuccessful attempts to achieve the results you need.

One thing is for sure, the best way to handle bed bug infestations is by leaving it up to professionals like 24 Pest Pros.

With their knowledge and expertise, they can assess your home situation and use tested equipment and methods that effectively exterminate the bed bugs in your home.

They guarantee to take care of the infestation and make sure there is less likelihood of its reappearance.

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