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Sawtoothed Grain Beetles

What are Sawtoothed Grain Beetles?

Sawtoothed grain beetles are beetles that are flat, slender, and brown in color. Although they have wings, they are unable to fly. On either side of the thorax, these insects feature six distinct saw-like projections.

The larvae of the sawtoothed grain beetle resemble worms and are yellowish-white in color. They are also slightly smaller than the adult beetle and have a sawtoothed look.

These bugs are a form of common pantry pest that frequently makes its way into our homes and places of business.

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sawtoothed grain beetles


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Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are sawtoothed grain beetles dangerous?

Sawtoothed grain beetles are a problematic and expensive pest because they can infest and contaminate dry commodities. This makes them a health risk as well.

The eradication of these vermin is necessary in order to ensure the safety of our food supplies. The good news is that it is not known for certain that they transmit diseases to people. Additionally, it is not known for certain that the adults bite or sting.

Why do I have a sawtoothed grain beetle problem?

The sawtoothed grain beetle has a body that is flattened, which allows it to easily hide in cracks and crevices. It can also easily penetrate improperly packaged materials and shattered grains.

In most cases, the eggs and larvae of these pests are already present in the dry items that homeowners bring into their houses after purchasing them from the market.

The following are some of the most common locations where female sawtoothed grain beetles lay their eggs:

  • Bread and dry pasta
  • Dry pet food
  • Cereal and flour
  • Sugar and candy
  • Nuts and dry fruits

After hatching from their eggs, the larvae consume and contaminate the food that has been provided for them.

Where will I find sawtoothed grain beetles?

It is typical for an infestation of these pests to begin in the facility that is responsible for food storage or packing first. They are also common intruders into residential properties, dining establishments, educational institutions, and other commercial establishments that deal with the preparation or storage of food.

The majority of these unwanted guests make their homes in the cupboards and food preparation areas of our kitchens.

How do I get rid of sawtoothed grain beetles?

24h Pest Pros experienced professionals can eliminate sawtoothed grain beetles. We are the greatest option for eliminating sawtoothed grain beetles and other pests from your house or company.

Because of our superior pest control services, cutting-edge products, and prompt response times, so many locals entrust us with their pest care needs.

We provide customers with the confidence that their home is presently and will remain pest-free!

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How can I prevent sawtoothed grain beetles in the future?

Prevent problems with sawtoothed grain beetles by partnering with 24h Pest Pros and by implementing the following prevention tips:

  • Inspect all food packaging for rips or tears prior to making a purchase.
  • Flour and cereals should be removed from their original packaging and placed in airtight containers.
  • Keep the kitchen and pantry free of food particles and crumbs.
  • Eliminate older or expired dry goods from your home's supply on a regular basis.
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