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Drugstore Beetles

What are Drugstore Beetles?

Drugstore beetle gets its name from feeding on the herbs that early pharmacists used to create drugs.

The drugstore beetle is particularly harmful because it doesn't stick to just one food source. Not only will they eat the things listed below, but they've also become a problem in both homes and businesses.

  • Flour and cereals
  • Spices and coffee beans
  • Dry pet food
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Horns
  • Fabrics
drugstore beetles


Do you have Drugstore Beetles in your home or you are not sure? We can handle the identification and get you a solution to your problem quickly.

Drugstore Beetles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do adult drugstore beetles look like?

Adult drugstore beetles have a brownish-red color and an oval body shape. Other physical features include:

  • A head drooping down so that their back appears hunched.
  • Antenna is smooth with a three-segmented club at its end.
  • Six short legs.
  • Striped wings are covered with fine hairs arranged in rows.
  • Small larvae - white grubs covered in short hairs.

Are drugstore beetles dangerous?

Drugstore beetles can contaminate food and damage personal belongings, making them dangerous pests. The larval stage of this pest is particularly destructive.

After a female adult lays her eggs, the larvae hatch and are then able to feed on the food that was provided to them.

Why do I have a drugstore beetle problem?

There are two reasons why drugstore beetles have become a problem in your home: they come in on their own or they hitch a ride.

It's important things to know about drugstore beetles: they can fly well, and light attracts them. Many bugs—drugstore beetles included—are drawn to the outside of homes by outdoor lights.

It is common for drugstore beetles to enter homes through openings around windows and doors or torn screens.

Not only do these pests hitchhike into our homes on store-bought products, but those products are already infested with drugstore beetle eggs or larva.

Where will I find drugstore beetles?

Drugstore beetles like to live in warm places or in cold places that are warm inside buildings. Most of the year, your area has warm weather, which lets these pests grow and spread.

After getting into our homes, drugstore beetles don't just hang out in the kitchen like many other pests that live in stored products.

The drugstore beetles can eat both food and non-food items that are stored in a home's kitchen, bathroom, closets, and basement.

Drugstore beetles can live in commercial places like drug stores, grocery stores, restaurants, food processing or storage facilities, museums, and even libraries.

How do I get rid of drugstore beetles?

Working with professionals at 24h Pest Pros is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of drugstore beetles in your home or business.

Our skilled professionals use top-quality services and products that are safe for the environment to get rid of drugstore beetles and stop them from coming back.

Call 24h Pest Pros today to learn more about how to get rid of drugstore beetles and other pest problems from your home or business.

How can I prevent drugstore beetles in the future?

Problems caused by drugstore beetles can be avoided by partnering with 24h Pest Pros and putting the following prevention methods into practice:

  • Don't buy dry goods from a store where the packaging is torn.
  • When you get home from the store, take dry goods out of their original packaging and put them in glass or plastic containers with lids that fit tightly.
  • Use plastic containers with lids that lock to store things made of wool, fur, or leather. (Drugstore beetles and other pests can easily get into cardboard storage boxes.)
  • Put weather stripping around the doors and windows.
  • Make sure that all open windows and doors have screens that fit well.
  • Whenever you can turn off the lights outside. Change white outdoor bulbs with yellow LED bulbs that drugstore beetles don't like as much.
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