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Brown Recluse Spiders

What are Brown Recluse Spiders?

Brown recluse spiders, on the other hand, are a species that avoids being seen. If you happen to come across one of these spiders, you will notice that they are light brown.

Depending on your lighting, you may notice a darker violin-like marking on its back. On older spiders, this identifying mark is particularly obvious. Brown recluse spiders have six eyes arranged in three sets of two instead of eight eyes like most other spiders.

brown recluse spiders


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Brown Recluse Spiders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are brown recluse spiders dangerous?

Brown recluse spiders are timid and prefer to flee from a fight rather than engage, however, if they are compelled to bite, they will do so in order to protect themselves. One of the most frequent ways to get brown recluse spider bites is while organizing storage areas or reaching into a storage container.

Spiders that fall into this category are considered dangerous, not because they pose a threat but because their venom is potent enough to cause health issues in humans.

Wounds caused by a brown recluse spider bite take longer to heal and are more prone to infection. If a brown recluse spider bites you, it's critical to visit a doctor as soon as possible to manage the symptoms.

Why do I have a brown recluse spider problem?

Brown recluse spiders construct unevenly shaped webs on the ground, favoring locations that are dry, dark, and peaceful. They will thrive in an environment where they have a suitable location to build their webs and a sufficient quantity of bug prey.

Brown recluse spiders prefer to live in dark, humid places such as leaf piles, woodpiles, clutter in sheds, decks, gardens, and shrubberies. Unfortunately, their favorite hiding places are often found in common objects that may be found in most yards.

Where will I find brown recluse spiders?

They prefer to build their webs in locations that are not frequented by people. Brown recluse spiders may also be found in cardboard boxes, folded clothing, linens, cabinets, and beneath furnishings inside or outside of homes or outbuildings.

How do I get rid of brown recluse spiders?

24h Pest Pros is the most effective solution for removing brown recluse spiders from your house or business. We respond quickly and provide you with comfort in knowing that your pest concerns will be handled and won't return.

Our skilled expert offers high-quality pest control services with the most up-to-date and efficient technology to remove brown recluse spiders from your properties.

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How can I prevent brown recluse spiders in the future?

Partnering with 24h Pest Pros and following the below prevention tips will help you avoid brown recluse spider problems.

  • By keeping garden areas, trimming shrubbery, and removing heaps of leaves and other trash from your yard, you can reduce brown recluse spider hiding places on your property.
  • Leaves and other debris should be kept away from the underside of the deck.
  • Hide objects behind furniture or in closets, keep storage places clear of clutter, and vacuum under furnishings to minimize hiding locations inside.
  • Make sure your foundation and walls are fully sealed. Replace any damaged screens and weatherstripping around windows and doors to keep brown recluse spiders out of your house.
  • When possible, keep doors to sheds, garages, and other outbuildings shut.
  • Before bringing any items inside your home, inspect them for brown recluse spiders.
  • When you're ready to use clothing or bedding that has been in storage, shake them out first.
  • Wear gloves when working in gardens or storage areas to prevent spider bites.
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