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Bed Bugs

What are Bed Bugs ?

Bed Bugs are one of the most common pests that plague homes and offices. These tiny, brownish bugs live on blood from animals or humans but don't necessarily need a host to survive - they can go for six months without feeding at all!

Adults have flat bodies about the size of an apple seed while juveniles (baby bedbugs) tend to be pinker in color with oval shapes around 1mm long.

Bed bugs are nasty pests, and the best way to get rid of them is with thoroughness. They can hide anywhere - including couches or chairs just as easily as they could in your mattress!

They're about 3/8" long, so they can be seen with the naked eye. Amazingly enough, though these little guys go for up to a year without food!

Once they've had their fill however it is time to lay some eggs: as many as 200 at one time in batches lasting around 10 days or more.

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Bed Bugs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Bed Bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on humans and animal blood. If you have these little pests in your home, they can be very dangerous.

Bed bugs have been known to cause skin reactions, allergic reactions, or transmit diseases.

  • They can cause skin diseases. Some common skin infections include cellulitis, Impetigo, and boils.
  • They can cause breathing problems and even asthma.
  • Sleep deprivation: With the bugs only feeding at night, some people avoid sleep or will get restless and fitful sleep.
  • Decreased wellbeing: The common side effects of not sleeping enough are depression, anxiety, general fatigue, and lowered immune function. But misconceptions about bed bugs can add to this feeling of trauma as well!
  • Bed bugs are a huge problem for many people. These pesky insects can damage a home's interior by leaving behind blood and faecal droppings.
  • They can leave stains on bed sheets, mattresses, carpets, walls, and curtains. They can also leave behind shed skins on surfaces.
  • Some people spend days itching their bites or repeatedly applying creams before they realize that they have been infected with bed bugs.

Why do I have a Bed Bug problem?

The first thing to understand about bed bugs is that they don't like living in dirty, dusty environments. They love living in environments where people, their primary food source, are present.

Since they're not attracted to filth or decay, they're usually going to be somewhere you spend a lot of time: your bedroom or living room.

It is a common experience for us to come in contact with bed bugs when we are out in public. While we may not see them, they often hitchhike their way into a home through luggage, clothing, or other personal items.

People can acquire bedbugs in several different ways:

  • Traveling (can be picked up at hotels, airports, and other public places)
  • Through used furniture
  • Through clothing, bedding, and furniture which becomes infested with insects during the transformation process
  • Acquired through harboring (by people who are infested with bedbugs themselves)

Where will I find Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are active throughout the year, but can most often be found between April and November when warm weather and an abundance of hosts allow them to thrive.

  • Bed bugs are most commonly found in places where people sleep
  • They can be found in couches and chairs, but they prefer to live in mattresses or box springs
  • You may find bed bugs on the walls near your mattress
  • Bed bugs can also come from a used item that has been infested with them
  • If you have bed bug bites, it's likely because you're sleeping or sitting close to an infestation of bedbugs

How do I get rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of because they breed quickly and invade multiple areas in the home. 24h Pest Pros is a trusted name for getting bed bug treatment services.

Our pest control services are designed to keep your property free of harmful pests, both residential and commercial.

Trust our pros for affordable solutions that will not leave you regretful or stuck with the problems on your own!

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How can I prevent Bed Bugs in the future?

Prevent bed bugs by partnering with 24h Pest Pros and by implementing the following prevention tips:

  • Use a bedbug mattress cover to protect your bed from bugs crawling in.
  • Vacuum and steam clean in between your mattress and boxspring every 3 months or so.
  • Wash all laundry on a regular basis and dry clothes on high heat.
  • Keep furniture up off the floor with legs rather than letting it rest on the carpet where bugs could crawl up into it from underneath.
  • Seal off any cracks around windows, baseboards, dressers, entrances to bedrooms, etc., so that bugs can't get in through them.
  • Inspect new furniture before bringing it inside; do not bring second-hand furniture inside without washing it first.
  • Get rid of any clutter, such as old boxes and newspapers, that might hide bugs.
  • After buying new or used clothing, wash it in hot water and dry it on high heat.
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