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American Cockroaches

What are American Cockroaches?

Nothing is more frightening than seeing a cockroach scurrying across the floor in your house. The American cockroach is one of the most frequently encountered species of roach in our homes and businesses.

American cockroaches are the biggest home-invading roach in the United States. Adults can reach a length of one and two inches.

The roach's color pattern, as well as its large size, distinguishes it from other species. The American cockroach is a reddish-brown, flattened creature with a pale yellow marking on the pronotum (located right behind the head).

The wings of an adult American cockroach are fully developed and enable it to fly short distances.

American cockroaches, like most roach species, prefer to migrate from one location to the next using their six spiny-covered legs.

american cockroaches


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American Cockroaches Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are American Cockroaches dangerous?

Both people and our property are in danger from American cockroaches.

  • Cockroaches can transmit disease, germs, and parasites to food and surfaces. Before entering your property, American cockroaches traveled through sewers, drains, garbage heaps, and other unsanitary places.
  • Cockroaches shed their skins as they grow up. Many individuals are allergic or asthmatic to the dust and waste produced by cockroaches.
  • Secretions produced by American cockroaches have a noxious odor that affects the taste of food stored in their habitats.
  • American cockroaches chew on and stain with their feces personal belongings, walls, and cloth things when they are indoors.

Why do I have an American Cockroach problem?

American cockroaches are attracted to any property that has access to water and a humid environment. In addition to moisture, accessibility to food sources is a major lure for American cockroaches.

Due to their similar diets, American cockroaches are just as likely to feed on our foods as we are, which is why trash cans, outside eating spaces, and kitchens are so attractive to them.

They prefer temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees, moving inside if the outside environment becomes too hot, dry, or cold. These roaches can also enter homes from outside, as they may seek food or hitchhike on our belongings.

American roaches can use a variety of entry points, including:

  • Spaces under doors or around windows
  • Damaged screens
  • Open basement or garage doors
  • Drains
  • Inside boxes, used appliances, or on potted plants

Where will I find American Cockroaches?

The American cockroach is also known as the "palmetto bug." Because they prefer to live around or near palmetto trees while residing outside, this is why. Palmetto trees are native to the Southern United States.

American cockroaches may be found in a variety of environments, including damp dirt, under bushes, garden spaces, beneath mulch, and around sewers or drains.

If American cockroaches come inside to seek food or refuge, they usually migrate to the home's humid areas: kitchens, cellars, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

How do I get rid of American Cockroaches?

The best solution to get rid of American cockroaches from your house or business is to call 24-Hour Pest Pros. These pests can quickly infest a home and spread to various rooms, making eradication difficult.

We provide affordable and easy-to-use pest removal services to keep your home or business free of pests. We provide professional cockroach removal services that are safe and effective.

Our trained technicians will identify the source of your infestation, treat any existing areas, and prevent future occurrences.

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How can I prevent American Cockroaches in the future?

Prevent American cockroaches from causing havoc by working with 24h Pest Pros and following these prevention methods:

  • With a tight-fitting screen, you may remove any drains that lead into your home.
  • Place screens in windows and doors, ensuring that they are secure and free of holes.
  • To prevent cockroaches from slipping through gaps, install door sweeps on all outside doors.
  • It's critical to look for any cracks and holes in the foundation of your home and to seal any gaps or spaces discovered.
  • When you're not using your garage or basement, keep the doors to these rooms closed.
  • Create a crushed rock barrier between any soil or mulch and your house's foundation to eliminate excess moisture around the perimeter of your property.
  • Remove any trash from your house on a daily basis. Place it in outdoor trash cans with locking lids until the garbage collection day arrives.
  • To keep the American cockroach out, vacuum your floor and clean your dishes on a daily basis.
  • Reduce humidity levels in your home by fixing leaking pipes and using dehumidifiers.
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