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Acrobat Ants

What are Acrobat Ants?

There are over 250 species of ants in the United States, each with its own distinct lifestyle, habitat, and diet preferences. The acrobat ant is a well-known ant that can be found across the US.

Acrobat ants come in a wide range of colors, from light yellow-brown to black. Some are multi-colored. Adult workers reach no more than 1/8 of an inch in length, whereas queens are significantly bigger.

Acrobat ants have flat, oval abdomens that are heart-shaped. When they sense danger, they may exude a noxious stench.

The most unusual aspect of these ants is their capacity to elevate their abdomen above their thorax and head, which they perform only when disturbed.

Acrobat Ants


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Acrobat Ants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are acrobat ants dangerous?

Acrobat ants, like other ant species, may enter your yard while foraging for food. They'll use anything from utility wires, tree limbs, and the branches of shrubs and bushes to travel over and gain access to your home once they've found a cozy refuge on your property.

They make their way in through gaps around windows and doors, holes in the roofline, and cracks in the building's foundation and outside walls.

Where will I find acrobat ants?

They build their nests in the moist earth under logs, rocks, and woodpiles. They like to nest in remote areas that are frequently affected by moisture damage and fungal decay, such as wall voids.

They may also nest in wood that has been damaged by carpenter ants or other wood-destroying insects.

How do I get rid of acrobat ants?

If you're looking to get rid of acrobat ants from your house or business, 24H Pest Pros is the ideal solution. We provide rapid responses and peace of mind knowing that your insect concerns will be addressed swiftly and effectively, ensuring that they won't return.

Our skilled pest professionals provide high-quality pest control services by utilizing cutting-edge pesticides to get rid of acrobat ants from properties.

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How can I prevent acrobat ants in the future?

Partnering with 24h Pest Pros and implementing the solutions below will help you avoid acrobat ants problems:

  • Remove dead trees, branches, and stumps that are in your yard.
  • Remove tree branches from the outside of your property.
  • Keep your firewood off the ground and away from your home's outside walls.
  • Repairs leaking pipes, faucets, and fixtures.
  • Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean, functioning properly, and redirecting water away from the foundation.
  • If you have a basement, run a dehumidifier to keep it dry.
  • Make sure there are no holes or gaps in the foundation.
  • Weatherstripping should be used on windows and doors.
  • On all exterior doors, install door sweeps.
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