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What Does a Baby Cockroach Look Like? How to Get Rid of Them

baby cockroach

Baby cockroaches are brown, small, and can be hard to identify at first. They often go unnoticed until they start crawling around or infesting your home.

If you have a baby cockroach in your home, it's important that you take the steps necessary to get rid of them before they grow into adults and find a way out of the house.

In this article, we will discuss what baby cockroaches look like, signs that baby roaches may be on your property and how to get rid of them!

Cockroach Reproduction

Adult females lay eggs that are named oothecae and the number of eggs in each case depends on species.

For example, an American cockroach egg case includes 14-16 eggs. In a typical life span, American cockroaches will produce about 614 egg capsules.

The female German cockroaches will keep the eggs for about two weeks until the eggs are almost ready to hatch.

Normally they can be found within the house hidden behind cupboards on furniture or in confined spaces.

They have also spermatic cells that are available for later storage which allows them to produce fertile eggs that don't mat.

The American baby cockroach is the largest invasion-resistant species though most are located inside.

What do Roach eggs look like?

Roaches Eggs

Female cockroaches lay their eggs in a case called an ootheca which contains 50 or more eggs.

Each egg is surrounded by a hardened protein material that protects the eggs and provides nourishment to them.

Some females would lay all of the eggs and others would carry them until the eggs came out.

A simple visual inspection of roach colonies can identify roach nests and stop cockroach infestations before they begin.

Oriental Roach Eggs

It is possible that female Oriental Cockroaches can lay ootheca until they reach 18 during their lifetime. It takes this roach long to reach maturity after hatching - roughly 600 days.

Asian females can also have dark red or brown feces which contain approximately 16 eggs. This case is approximately 8 to 10 mm long and contains 16 eggs which are.

American Cockroach Eggs

American cockroaches produce a darker brown ootheca that is about 8 mm long. Each insect has around 15 embryos that can hatch between 24 and 38 days.

In a woman's lifetime, American cockroaches lay more than 90 oothecae and often are hidden.

Brown-banded Roach Eggs

The Brown Banded roach ootheca generally is about 5 mm. Females may produce 20 oothecae per lifetime but each has 10 to 18 eggs in it.

Brown bands of nymphs are easier to identify because of their distinct yellow band around their abdomens.

German Cockroach eggs

German Cockroach ootheca is brown about 6 - 9 mm in diameter. It is a. These males have carried them in them for a short period until they are ready to lay eggs.

Each species could contain up to 50 eggs. This species can reach an infestation level very rapidly and infestations can occur very rapidly.

The Most Common Baby Roaches To Look Out For

What Does a Baby American Cockroach Look Like?

Baby American Roaches are oblong-shaped. The skin on the shell has brown spots. The birds also do not have wings and are the largest roach in size.

Baby American insects are also large when you compare them to baby roaches of other roaches in the American colonies - including those of German roach.

The roaches also have a reddish edge on their bands, however do not develop wings - making them bigger than other species.

What do Baby German Cockroaches look like?

The baby German cockroach has an oval-shaped and plain-bodied body. It's dark brown, sometimes with one yellow spot on its side.

But if you're looking closely with a magnifying glass you will see horizontal scaly bands on his body.

There are six visible legs accompanied by fine hairy outshoots, an easily identifiable head coated by two antennae.

Baby German roaches have no wings like the adults. It develops wings after repeated moltings for between 45 and 60 days.

What do baby Oriental cockroaches look like?

Oriental roaches are darker in color than baby American roaches. All other baby roaches also don't have wings.

There are other different traits among baby Oriental roaches that can be distinguished from their adult counterparts.

Baby Oriental bugs are remarkably similar to American cockroaches in homes.

Baby insects that look like baby bugs are also common in homes but don't always have wings they don't have wings or wings, experts say.

What does a grown cockroach look like?

Adult cockroaches have an elongated oval shape and elongated bodies. Their heads are small but their antennae are exceptionally long as compared to the other birds.

Cockroaches come up quick! They sometimes rush away so quickly and are often tough to catch and kill.

The most common roach species in the United States are German Cockroaches, American Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, and Brown Banded cockroaches.

The American cockroach is reddish-brown color and grows to around 40 mm.

German cockroach is dark brown in color and larger - around 13-16 mm. Oriental cockroach is black a bit bigger in proportion compared with Germany’s counterparts.

What do baby Brown-Banded roaches look like?

A baby white cockroach is a rare sight, despite the fact that it is not a distinct species.

These are either newly hatched roaches or roaches that have just shed their previous shell and are in the process of molting.

These temporary pure white adult roaches, which resemble a worm, a larva, or even a bizarre, wingless albino cockroach, are easy to recognize once you know what you've found.

The bugs look like baby roaches

Bugs that look like roaches have three standard characteristics compared to baby bugs. These three features are – flat round shape body, minuscule size, and dark color.

Learn more to know what different kinds of bugs different species are and how the differences can be identified in the different species.

Red Flour Beetles

drugstore beetles

The red flour beetle is of Indo-Australian origin but is now found throughout the world. They are about 1/8 to 3/16 inch long, dark cherry to dark brown in color with gradually-clubbed antennae, with a 3 segmented club, and have a flattened body shape.

These beetles like to feed on stored grains, cereals, flour, and other food products.

They can be a major pest in homes, warehouses, grocery stores, and wherever food is stored or processed.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles

Adult beetles are similar in number to the roaches. It is their head. A typical adult male carpet beetle's head connects them to their body making it look like a baby cockroach.

Adult Carpet Bed Beetles can be black or brown and are larger than baby roaches.

Both baby and adult cervices have six legs - about six in fact - and their head is not flat, but bigger than roach and not flat. Adult carpets are black brown and maybe brown.



Booklice or Psocids are tiny insects in white, gray, or brown color that you would find in damp undisturbed places of your home.

Brown booklice look almost the same as young German fish whereas white ones seem a tiny albino.

Oblong-shaped and have two sections in their thoracic section. They also have a visible nose which is missing on a baby roach.

They don't move as quickly as a baby roach does. In the case of small insects, it isn't tapir or little bug.

Drugstore Beetles

drugstore beetles

Drugstore beetles are brown and they often confuse roaches. They are smaller in size than baby roaches and their antennae are smaller than newborns. The doe head has no beak which allows it to appear from above.

They can fly and they have wings and there appears to be a gap between them.

Drugstore beetles don't seem flat so at least they look humped from above. The beater drugstore pest is similar to the flour beetle.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs resemble cockroach nymphs in appearance. They are both reddish-brown in color, wingless, and oval in shape.

Examine the body form and antennae to tell the difference between a young cockroach and a bed insect.

Cockroach babies are shorter and rounder than bed bugs. Cockroaches have longer antennas than bed bugs.

How to Get Rid of Baby Cockroaches

If you've spotted baby cockroaches in your home, don't panic. Cockroaches are a common pest, and there are many ways to get rid of them.

There are several things you can do to get rid of baby cockroaches:

  • Seal off any cracks or openings in your home that these cockroaches could use to enter.
  • Use a pesticide spray to kill baby cockroaches. Be sure to read the label carefully and follow all instructions.
  • Place baits around your home to attract and kill baby roaches.
  • Remove food and water sources that baby roaches could use to survive.
  • Call a pest control professional to treat your home for baby roaches.

Call Our Professional

Roaches are often considered a nuisance pest. The baby roaches you find in your home may be the result of an infestation from nearby roach nests, or it could just mean that they're nesting inside the walls and have nowhere else to go during daylight hours.

We can help you identify baby roaches correctly so that you know how to get rid of them properly.

Call our team today for more information on baby cockroach identification or book a consultation online with one of our experts now!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Baby Roaches Look Like?

Baby roaches are called nymphs. Depending on what species they are, they can be white or gray when they are babies. The younger they are, the lighter they will be in color.

What does it mean if you see a baby cockroach?

The baby cockroach is bad if viewed at your own risk. See, finding a large brown adult cockroach could only mean you caught a little wandering bird.

Finding baby roaches signals that at the very least there are at least a few adults who could have reproduced.

What do you do if you find baby roaches?

If they live and eat everything else that you can find in your home appliance (such as an oven) you should pack them down.

Cockroaches cannot endure extremely cold weather. Don't let them inside. Require sealing to where it can fit.

Do Baby Roaches Bite?

It's important to know whether or not baby cockroaches pose a threat to your health. The good news is that baby roaches do not typically bite humans.

However, they can contaminate food with their droppings, which can cause illnesses such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, and salmonella poisoning. So it's important to know how to get rid of baby roaches as well.

Do Baby Cockroaches Fly?

Nymphs are unable to fly because their wings do not fully develop until they reach adulthood. They can, however, move fast when necessary.

Baby cockroaches will jump and scurry away from light sources, squeezing their bodies through small gaps and hiding in tight, difficult-to-reach places.

Do baby cockroaches mean infestation?

Baby cockroaches – in bathrooms or kitchens – usually tell the true extent of the German cockroach infestation which has recently occurred.

These roaches are typically found in kitchens and bathroom areas because they offer a hot, humid environment with plenty of moisture and food access.

Is it a baby roach or something else?

In fact, two distinct features distinguish these three. American roaches are oblong-shaped and the scaly bands are reddish rolled across their body.

Fortunately, adult American roaches lack wings and do not have an embryo inside them. Typically American roaches are the largest animals.

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